Venturi RDA Tobeco (Stainless Steel)

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The Venturi RDA is an interesting design based on the Kayfun in several ways. The idea here was to rebuild the Kayfun as a dripping atomizer. By adapting this design, Neovapetek are going for flavor for sure. The Venturi prices out at the higher end of the price spectrum, but you get a lot of stuff for your money here as it comes with 3 different top caps for customizing the look. The Venturi is a 22mm RDA so it will fit flush with most conventional 18650/18450/18350 22mm mods.

The Venturi comes in a standard, 3 post design that accommodates dual and quad coil builds. As mentioned it comes with 3 different top caps, all with unique designs. This allows you to customize the look of your Venturi and change it as you desire. The RDA comes in 3 sections, the deck, aforementioned top cap choices and an inner chimney which is what makes this similar to the Kayfun.

The Venturi features a standard adjustable 510 connection with gold plated post to increase connectivity

What makes the Venturi RDA unique?

The unique part of the design here is the inner sleeve/chimney. Air flow actually starts at the top of the outer cap near the drip tip. Air is pushed down and enters the inner sleeve/chimney. The inner sleeve/chimney is shaped in an hourglass fashion that allows for a much smaller coil chamber which pushes the airflow up into a secondary top chamber just beneath where your drip tip will attach. This is done to somewhat mimic the air chamber on the Kayfun, but as an RDA this gives you a lot more options. This design GREATLY reduces leaking problems native to RDA’s in general. You can get a lot of juice in here and don’t have to worry about it leaking out the holes. Also a nice plus are the deep juice wells. This is an RDA that’s meant to hold a lot of juice.

The Venturi has adjustable airflow which is a huge step up from the Kayfun. Now remember the Kayfun is a tank device. Its one of the best available, but one of my biggest gripes is that the airflow is pretty tight. Its not a lung hit device by any means. The Kayfun has many restrictions being a tank design which may very well have inspired Neovapetek to use this design in and RDA. The smaller chamber is not typical for RDA devices either. This will keep the air compressed at the coils and results in a warmer, more concentrated vapor production which, in theory, increases vapor and enhances flavor. This is what sets the Venturi apart from other RDA’s on the market.