Theorem Drip Tank Hybrid Wismec

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Wismec Theorem Drip Tank Hybrid by Jay Bo Designs

Designed in California

The Wismec Theorem Drip Tank Hybrid is an innovative new platform designed in conjunction with Jay Bo Designs and features a split positive build deck that can accessed depending on the method of disassembly, as well as Wismec’s new NotchCoil system, a specially designed heating element that is easily mounted and wicked while having superior effective surface area and durability. The Theorem Drip Tank was a collaborative effort designed by Jay Bo Designs inspired by Suck My Mod to create a system that excelled in usability and effectiveness, and the result is a system that integrates a number of useful features while maintaining a focus on performance. The chassis of the Theorem can be disassembled and accessed in a number of ways, from a full disassembly that allows for thorough cleaning and access to the wicking and tank section, to more specific ways of accessing just the build deck, airflow, and fill hole. Airflow features an independently adjusted and set system that relies on the use of either the single or dual airflow control rings. Once set, the top cap can be removed without altering the airflow settings, allowing access into the build deck or to the 4mm diameter fill hole. The juice plug doubles as auxiliary airflow that reaches the back of the coil, adding effective airflow to the system. The build deck features a split positive build deck, with a single 5.5mm by 2mm positive terminal that works in conjunction with the deck milled negative terminals. The NotchCoil head is showcased in to full effect with the Theorem, presenting one of the most unique coil patterns in the industry, offering superior heating element to wick coverage combined with improved durability. With an optimal output range of 30 to 70W, the NotchCoil outputs one of the most well balanced and satisfying experiences to date, and showcases the Theorem’s cutaway wicking ports for fast and effective wicking. The Theorem also includes a Stainless Steel and Glass tank section that provides additional durability and presents a clean, streamlined look. With one of the most ambitious and effective chassis designs to date coupled with a true showcase of the NotchCoil system, the Wismec Theorem is a perfect example of when brilliant design theories meets high level execution.

Product Features:
22mm Diameter
Revolutionary Chassis Design
Open Wicking System
Disassembly of Chassis Allows Easy Access
Top Airflow Juice Plug
Sealed when Assembled
Allows Filling without Airflow Alteration
4mm Fill Hole
Top Airflow Minimizes Leaking
10mm by 3mm Airflow
Enters Through Back of Build Deck
Single or Dual Top Airflow Rings
Curved 11mm by 3mm Top Airflow
Split Positive Build Deck
Single Terminal Positive Post
Allows Use with Stainless Steel NotchCoil
5.5mm by 2mm Opening
Dual Negative Posts
Single Terminal
2mm Diameter Terminals
Allows for Single and Dual Coil Configurations
Hex Keyed
NotchCoil Structure
Specially Designed Stainless Steel Pattern
Easily Wicked
Great Performance and Durable
0.25 ohm
30 to 70W
Two Tank Options Included
Full Glass Tank Section
Stainless Steel and Glass Tank Section
Superior Durability
Reduced Visibility
Gold Plated 510 Connection

Kit Includes:
One Wismec Theorem Drip Tank Hybrid
Single and Dual Airflow Control Rings
One Glass Tank Section
One Stainless Steel and Glass Tank Section
Two NotchCoils
Spare O-Ring, Screws, and Hex Key Pack
User Manual