tCheck Flower and Concentrate Testing Expansion Kit


This expansion kit provides all the materials needed to properly test your flower and concentrates using your tCheck 2. Each item included has been carefully selected to ensure the highest level of testing accuracy with tCheck 2.

The kit includes:

  • Milligram scale
  • 100ml of compound extraction reagent (ability to do 9 tests)
  • 3 reusable test tubes
  • Swizzle stick
  • Sample application eye dropper
  • 3 measurement spoons

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Features tCheck 2 base Flower & concentrate kit
Requires tCheck 2 base
Compound by volume measurement Yes Yes
Coconut oil Yes
Butter Yes
Olive oil Yes
Alcohol Yes
iOS app Yes Yes
Android app Yes Yes
History log Yes Yes
THx and CBx breakdown see below..
Plant material Yes
Concentrates Yes

tCheck CBD vs THC Testing

A frequently asked question is how to test CBD and THC on the tCheck when there is no setting to choose beforehand. Below is the current status as of 2019/02/01.

Strains with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio will not work until the latest update is sent. Most strains are either predominantly CBD or THC. For example, with 2-3% CBD and 18% THC, the device will give the THC reading because it is the dominant cannabinoid. CBN or CBG are naturally pretty low and aren’t being tested for.

An update is planned that will display decarboxylation completion and display both THCa and THC results. 

Reach out to support and tCheck can look up the device and give specific information for previous tests.