Nitecore UM20 portable USB management and charging system


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Finally a dual bay very portable USB Charger, the UM20! Light travel package!

The Nitecore UM20 is a new portable USB management and charging system for use in a variety of applications. For vapers I think these charger would be best used as a portable battery charger for use during trips. One unique feature of these chargers is that they can still charge batteries or other electronics on weak power sources like a solar panel. Just select which item should get priority charging

Powers Lithium-ion battery and an external device simultaneously, when sufficient power (5 v/ 1 Amp) is available. If not selector switch will determine priority between battery and USB.
LCD Display presents charging status.
UM20 is intended to charge Lithium-Ion and IMR batteries. (NOT AA batteries Ni-Mh, Ni-CD) See i2 charger for AA Batteries.
Charges two batteries at a time.
Please note the UM20 only charge from micro USB input (Smart Phone Charger, Vehicle USB charger port, or directly from PC.)
USB Output with DATA transfer.
The UM20 is NOT compatible with AAAA, AAA, AA Batteries
USB wall/vehicle 12 v power adaptor NOT included.