Mutation X v3 / Mutalator RDA (Stainless Steel)


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Are You Ready For the Third Innovative Airflow Effect? Introducing the “Hovering Effect”!

Ever since the¬†introduction of the “Swirling Effect” and “Showering Effect”, this new innovative airflow effect is called the “Hovering Effect”! The Mutilator features a very revolutionary airflow system in which one single huge 4mm airflow holes in the center, surrounded by 8 mini airflow holes spreading out in four directions. This unique design allows air to hug the vapor in all directions, concentrate to a single force of air, shooting the vapor directly up to your drip tip. The result is a more dense, flavorful vapor!

  • Stainless Steel
  • 22mm in Diameter so it will fit most of your mods Flush!
  • Custom extreme wide bore drip tip
  • Comes with one wide bore black delrin drip tip, giving you vapor without restriction
  • Full center copper adjustable contact pin for maximum conductivity
  • Heat Fins on top and on the bottom for maximum heating disbursement
  • Split Center Post design for ease of build
  • Innovative “Hovering Effect”, which allows vapor to concentrate, and to produce a more dense and satisfying taste
  • Ultra deep juice well that can hold as much as 4ml of juice
  • Copper 510 for maximum conductivity

** A Must Have For ALL Cloud and Flavor Chasers!