Major Tech – MTD3 Programmable Timer, 24 Hours


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Choose from a variety of programmable timers that are easy-to-use, quick to set and will maximise your savings. The introduction of a timer will improve your energy savings up to 66%. Switching the geyser off/on manually is not good practice as circuit breakers are not designed to be switched often and will eventually damage which can be costly to replace.
•Programming timer is a simple and quick procedure
•Time duration of required working time of appliance can be set by pushing in joint slices
•Real time can be set by turning disc in direction of arrow until marked point indicates current time
•Switching loads up to 3500W
•IE60730 Safety Standard

Additional Information:
Standard: IEC60730
Watts: 3500W

What’s in the box
1x MTD3 Programmable Timer – 24 Hours