Fundamental Particle Mission POD System 270mAh (Red)


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Fundamental Particle Mission POD System

FP Mission Kit comes in all in one design and it’s suitable for all vaper even if you are a rookie to vaping. Mission Kit is extremely easy to simple to use. Its slim body size means you can take it anywhere you want and just vape anytime you want taking it out of pocket. Built-in 270mah battery and replaceable cartridge makes vaping experience on this device even better. In addition, leakage protection saves you a lot of troubles as well. FP Mission Kit is a kit for all vapers!

With the slim profile of USB memory stick, this Fundamental Particle Mission Starter Kit is one of the most discreet beginner’s vape devices on the market. The Mission vape starter kit has a super-slim, USB rechargeable battery with a capacity of 270mAh. This kit is recommended for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping with high-Nicotine e liquids.


The designers (Fundamental Particle), have created the Mission vape kit with simplicity in mind. The single front-mounted switch actually performs four functions. To switch on the battery, you swipe the switch five times. To vape, you swipe and hold the switch in the ‘Fire’ position; this deploys the cartridge mouthpiece, then fires the tiny internal coil. When you need to eject the cartridge, simply press-down the push-button part of the switch.

On the side of the Mission vape stick, you’ll notice a simple LED status light. Various flashing signals indicate low battery power and basic vaping safety warnings. To prevent damage to the internal battery, the Mission vape stick will switch off automatically when the devices reaches a critically low charge. The batter can be topped-up in about 40 minutes with the supplied USB charging cable.

Two POD Cartridges Included:

The two pod style e juice cartridges that come with the Mission Starter Kit are delivered empty. To fill, simply twist the top of a cartridge, then drip your e juice down into one of the two fill holes. Twist the cartridge-top back to the closed position, ready for leak-free vaping. A firm press will click the cartridge into it’s concealed position in the top-section of the battery.

Although the Mission kit uses ‘pod’ style replaceable e juice cartridges, it’s incredibly easy to top-up a cartridge with fresh e liquid. This means that you can keep on using each cartridge until the coil wears-out. The Mission kit comes with two replaceable cartridges to get you started.

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Size: 83mm tall, 25mm long, 9.5mm wide
Replaceable cartridge Capacity: 1ml
Comes with 2 x Pod style e liquid cartridges
Cartridges supplied empty
Style: Ultra slim vape stick with push-up mouthpiece/cartridge
Designed to deliver a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape with a tight draw
Battery type: Internal battery with 270mAh capacity
Typical charge time: 40 mins
USB charge cable included
USB port on side of device
Simple micro LED status light on side
Steady light shows while firing
Flashes to indicate atomizer short-circuit
Flashes with auto switch-off if battery power too low
Single, combined slide switch & button (multifunction)
Slide switch five times to switch device on/off
Slide switch to deploy mouthpiece
Hold switch with mouthpiece extended to vape
Press raised button to eject cartridge
Twist cartridge top to refill
Close top fully for leak-free operation
Push & click cartridge into slot on top of battery
Maximum power output: 6.3 Watts
Voltage range: 3.2 to 4.2 Volts
Standby current: Less than 10μA
Atomizer coil resistance 2.2 Ohms
Recharge current: Less than 400mA
Moderate to high nicotine e juice recommended
A very compact & discreet vape
Nice retracting mouthpiece system
A clean device with leak-free replaceable cartridges
Refill each cartridge until the coil wears out
Delivers a satisfying, cigarette style draw

Fundamental Particle Mission POD system Fundamental Particle Mission POD 9mm Fundamental Particle Mission POD colors Fundamental Particle Mission POD always on

In the box:

2x Cartridge

1xFP Mission POD battery
1x USB cable
1x User manual