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Tobeco Pen Style Wax Vaporizer v4

The newest version of the Pen Style Wax Vaporizer v4 isn’t just the latest, it’s also without a doubt the greatest of the incarnation of the incredibly reliable Pen Style Wax Vaporizer yet. This version bears a completely rebooted design, which at first glance makes the v4 appear to be nothing more than a standard writing utensil. However, digging a little deeper reveals the vape pen is one of the most discreet and most advanced wax pen vaporizers in the industry.


Easily one of the most inconspicuous vape pens ever, the Pen Style Wax Vaporizer v4 has been entirely retooled to accommodate one-the-go dabbers who desire more of a “stealth factor” than other wax pens currently offer. For those of us not lucky enough to live in a country where herbal concentrates are legal, keeping a low profile while you enjoy dabs out in public is crucial, making the Pen Style Wax Vaporizer v4 a necessity for anyone looking to fly under the radar.


Equipped with new advanced components, the Pen Style Wax Vaporizer v4 offers the same type of high-performance functionality as other top tier wax pens at a fraction of the cost. Featuring an improved lithium-ion battery boasting 6 optimized temperature settings (each indicated by a different color LED light), the v4 allows for a more customized dab experience than ever before. Furthermore, a refined skillet atomizer is now constructed from pure quartz crystal, featuring a quartz chamber and dual quartz rods along with high-quality Gr2 titanium coils.

Kit Includes:

1 x Pen Style Vaporizer v4 (Dual Quartz Rod coil installed)

1 x Spare Dual Quartz Rod coil

1 x Glass Globe Attachment

1 x Dab Tool

1 x Silicone Wax Container

1 x Micro USB Charger

1 x Wall Adapter