Baal V3 RDA Tobeco (Silver)

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The 3rd edition in the critically acclaimed Baal trilogy, the Baal V3 has some significant design improvements on the previous version, almost doubling the juice well to 6mm and increasing the number of airflow holes by 30%.

Featuring a two post velocity style deck with four 3mm post holes. Whether its dual, quad or single coils, 22, 20, 18 gage or crazy multi-core wire builds this RDA will let you chase those clouds.

The new shorter chuff style Delrin drip tip creates immense flavour at the same time providing a tone of airflow and allowing for easy dripping.

Comes with alternate Delrin top cap for regular 510 drip tips and an optional Delrin spacer to keep your mod cool.


22mm Diameter
304 Stainless steel
Dual post velocity style deck 3mm post holes
6mm Deep juice well
9 x 2mm Adjustable air holes on each side
Wide bore Delrin top cap + 510 adapter