AWT 18650/2500mAh/35A/3,7V

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Capacity:Nominal 2500 mAh
Diameter 18+/- 0.2 mm-
Height 65+/- 0.2mm
Max Discharge current: 35A
Nominal Voltage: Average 3.7V
Cut-off Voltage: 2.5V
Battery Rate :15C
Internal resistance: 10-20 mohm
Cycle life> 500 cycles



AWT 18650 2500mAh high drain IMR battery with 35A cell inside

2500mAh Capacity
3.7V output
35A high drain battery
Size : 18.20mm x 65.05mm
Nominal Voltage : 3.70V
Nominal Capacity : 2500mAh
Tested Capacity : 2409mAh , 10A CC Discharge test , 96.4% of Claimed Capacity
Discharge time 10A : N/A
Cell used inside : LG Chem DB HE2
Charging Metod : CC/CV 4.20V
Discharge Voltage : 2.50V (Average Cut Off)
Charging Current CC : 1250mA
Rapid Charging Current : 4000mA
Continuous Discharge Current : 25A
Max. Short Peak Discharge CC : 35A
Measured Energy : N/A Wh (10A Test)
Internal Resistance : 0.05-0.06 Ohm
Weight : 45gr.max
Color : Yellow , Black
Protection : No
Model : Flat Top
Safe to use up to : 0.03 Ohm